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Hey, my name is 'Becca and I am 14. I live in FL and I am a Freshman in high school. Whoo. I like listening to music and hanging with friends. I like to get on the internaet and talk on the phone. I basically like to do everything a normal teenage girl likes to do. Plus and minus a few things. I have been a Christian for almost 2 years, and haven't regretted a minute of it!

Bands I like:
UnderOATH, Hawk Nelson, Relient K, Superchi[k], Kutless, Skillet, Casting Crowns, and a whole lot more!

Yeah, one other thing. If you are looking to add people to your friends list, you can add me! Well, see ya!
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hey nice to have a new face here lol love the bands but no one posts in here so go to hearts on fire of jesusfreaks lots of ppl in those well God bless-Ryan
Heh. Well, maybe I can get people talking...or maybe not. Who knows. See ya!
Hey! Nice to see a new person on here! :O

<>< Michael
Is there like no one who joins or something?
there are very few ppl who talk on here:S but hey we have a funny debate/argument one post up lol
I'm 15. I've been a christian my entire life. I love all the bands you said, except underoath, I've never heard of it. I hope that we can become friends. I just want to tell you to keep going with being a christian. It may get hard, but it's worth it. I've went on my first missions trip this year. It was awesome!