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All right, I'll post something.

What is God teaching you right now? Do you have anything planned for this summer.

I went on a mission trip with my Youth group to Philadelphia to a camp called M-fuge. anyone heard of it? It was freakishly cool and amazing. God spoke and one of us came forward adn accepted Christ in her heart. It was awesome!!!

I learned a lot, though I'm still struggling in the relationships area. I'm good though. I feel blessed
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I've never heard of M-fuge. I wish i can go on a mission trip also. :)
To answer your question...right now, God is mainly teaching me to trust Him more and not to worry too much. I tend to stress over things instead of lifting them up to God. God is also teaching me to be more responsible and to accept changes - to be open to changes and learn to adjust instead of resisting them.

I don't really have anything planned for this summer. :D