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Prayer request...

Hi, I really need some prayer for a few people: At church tonight I learned about a very unfortunate thing that happened-- 4 people (2 girls, 2 boys) about 20/23 years of age from our church district who my youth
pastor knows got in to a terrible car accident. It's a little complex to explain now but they were in
critical care, and today 2 of them aren't but 2 still are. And one is still unconscious. They're names are Roger, Leslie, Ashley, and James. Ashley and James are the ones who are atill in intensive care. But the good news is that they aren't gettting any worse. :-( The airmen came very quickly to them though, so it was luck--or an angel, however you look at it.

PLEASE PRAY!!!!! My youth pastor had a whole night tonight at our youth group devoted to this.
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