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Hello There! Let's Keep The Community Alive!

Hello everyone! My name is Michael, I'm 18 years old, and I have been saved for nearly 6 years (It will be 6 years in October) I figured that I could help younger Christians since it's now summer and I'm totally bored. Feel free to check out my journal, I must admit that it's a little weird. =P

To provoke some discussion, I would like to ask a few questions...

1) Do you think Adam had a bellybutton?

2) Who is your favorite Christian artist/band?

3) What is your favorite book?

4) What is your favorite subject in school?

5) Are you involved in any activities at school? Which ones?

6) How would you describe your Christian worldview (Outlook on life, world events, the way you view yourself, etc.)

I'll go ahead and answer right now

1) Probably not

2) Matthew West for artist and David Crowder Band for band (Obviously)

3) Jesus Freaks by Dc Talk and Voice Of The Martyrs

4) I really like English and Math and I know that's odd. Sorry! =P

5) Well, I graduated this year but I was involved with Speech, Fall Play, Spring Musical, Chorus, Madrigals, Yearbook, Group Interpretation/Contest Play, National Honors Society, and Key Club

6) My Christian worldview encompasses the importance of being humble and real towards sinners. Being humble is important because it helps you remember that you were saved by grace through faith. Also, being real to the people you are trying to witness to is extremely important because sinners are looking for something real, not something artificial that will only last for awhile.

Furthermore, Jesus is coming soon and world events are showing that the Bible is fulfilling ancient prophecies.

Finally, to answer the last part of the question, I don't take myself too seriously because I love to laugh. Just remember that things are NOT as dire as they seem. Be joyful, you have life!
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