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does anything stink anymore?

"Geting out of the grey"

"Doom to you who call evil good and good evil. Who put darkness in place of light and light in a place of darkness..."- Issaiah 5:20

"A person without a value system is like a butterfly in a blizzard"

Six questions that will help you know what's right and whats wrong

Question #1 Do I need this?
Heb, 12:1- lay aside every weight that holds so easily holds you back
There is a bunch of things that wont send you to hell, but will slow you down.

ask yourself this question. Is what im doing holding me back? Is that girl/guy im dateing bringing me closer or further from the lord? if its further then it isnt a good relationship. the person you date should bring you closer to God not pull you farther away. if that isnt your boyfriend/girlfriend then you should probably not date them.

Question#2 - Does it have a positive effect?
1Cor 6:12 - all things are lawful...but not all things are benificial.

hey i know sometimes beating a kid up or for example stoneing someone seems like a lawful thing to do, as it was stated in Gods law but does it have a positive effect? in these situations...no they dont so it's probably wise not to do them.

Question #4- is this something Jesus would do?
1 Jn, 2:6 - anyone who claims to be intimate with God ought to live the same kind of life Jesus lived.

if its questionable that Jesus would do it, dont do it! its that easy.

Question #5 will it exault the Lord?
1Cor, 10:31- Do it all for the glory of God

hey only do it if God would be happy you did it.

Question #6 if I do this will this set the right example for my Christian friends...?
Romans 14:13- don't do anything to make anouther fellow Christian stumble...

The danger of the disappearing line...

how many times have we pushed the line till there is no more line? where nothing is wrong, and we only do what feels good. We as Christians should not care for things that feel good, but that is good. calture will tell you that what is right for you is right for you and what is wrong for you is wrong for you. this thought process is all wrong the school shooting, child molestation, rape all this is right in there minds so its right,right? you and I know way better then this any sane human would so if we have a concense then it must have been put there,right and wrong is not something that can be made up it is pure it is absolute. We as people have so tarnished our concence that it came to where we always choise the wrong cause it feels right at the moment, but in the long term it is no longer a choice and you no longer can say no dont cross that line. I care for you all way too much so thats why im so real with you God bless~ Ryan
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